New health and fitness programs with Voome

By September 19, 2017 November 13th, 2019 No Comments

Australian health and fitness experts announce the launch of unique four week programs

Former winter Olympian, Personal Trainer, Pilates and Barre instructor, Steph Prem, today launches her ‘Energy and Performance’ program; inspirational mum of four and social media motivator, Dani Stevens launches her ‘Timesaver’ program; and Fitness and Nutrition Expert, Amelia Phillips launches her ‘Kickstarter’ program. Coming soon, expert celebrity trainer, Tim Vittorino will also launch his advanced ‘Barbell Progressions’ program.

Having launched earlier this year, Voome, from the trusted team behind the hugely successful 12WBT program, cuts through the noise and offers simple, effective and real fitness solutions.

The new Voome Programs offer step-by-step four-week workouts guided by experts, designed to get your body fitter, stronger and better than ever. No matter your level of fitness, whether you are just starting out, or you are a well-trained athlete, you can choose a fitness level and discipline that suits your desired results.

Voome Programs offer weekly videos from expert trainers and structured 3 x 30 minute workouts each week that you can start and restart whenever you need. Delicious customisable meal plans have been designed to complement the workouts and to help you stay in control and organised at meal times.

Voome programs complements the existing and highly successful Voome Weekly, a workout and meal planning tool that empowers you to live a healthier life, at your own pace. A solution for those looking for variety, flexibility and inspiration, Voome Weekly offers access to thousands of recipes, customisable meal plans and over 150 express workouts that can be done anywhere, at anytime. You call the shots and create your own workout plans with Voome Weekly.

According to Amelia Phillips, Co-Founder of Voome: “It’s so exciting to use the technology and experience from ten years in digital fitness to launch these very targeted fitness and nutrition programs. To be able to partner with up and coming leaders of our industry is the cherry on the gluten free cake!”