The Hunt calls for big cat sightings across Australia

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Panthers and pumas are alive in the Australian bush. Big cat expert Vaughan King is on a quest to prove it in a new documentary

On average, a big cat sighting has been reported every day in Australia over the last two years. A recent research trip has uncovered some exciting new DNA, however there is still more work to be done and he needs your help!

Call out to the Australian public: If you have seen a big cat in the Australian bush in the last 2 months please report your sightings to bigcats.com.au to help solve the mystery. 

Robot Army and Ruby Entertainment in association with Screen Australia are teaming up with dedicated researchers at the forefront of proving the big cat phenomenon once and for all in the upcoming feature length documentary, ‘The Hunt’.

The Hunt, directed by Stu Ross has commenced pre-production and follows legendary big cat researchers Simon Townsend and John Turner as they come to the end of their three-decade quest to prove there is a living population of big cats in the Australian bush. Now of an age at which they can’t continue these physically challenging endeavours, they are genuinely worried that this mystery will outlive them.

Enter young blood and big cat expert, ex-zookeeper Vaughan King. King is dedicating his next two years to the mission, relocating his family from Queensland to Victoria, where the majority of the sightings occur. He will also will continue to travel throughout the country to investigate new sightings. King had always looked up to Townsend and Turner during his early years of big cat research. Now they are handing him the reigns and entrusting him to carry on with their life’s work.

“It’s one of Australia’s biggest mysteries. Big cats in the bush are often dismissed as an urban myth. In the film, via the painstaking and committed efforts of our researchers, we have an opportunity to document the emergence of such a myth into the light of scientific observation. The latest evidence gathering techniques including top of the line technology in motion activated camera traps and thermal drones are bringing us closer than ever to finally busting this myth,” said Stu Ross, Director, Robot Army. 

See the trailer for The Hunt now at https://www.facebook.com/TheHuntFilmAUS