Rostered On to debut on Netflix

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Independent Australian series becomes an online sensation, moves to Netflix and commences production on second season

Off the back of its incredible online success, Australian independent comedy series, Rostered On, will have its Netflix debut on April 4. The series will be exclusive to Netflix from this date, being the first independent Australian online comedy series to move to Netflix.

Having launched on April 4, 2016 as a pilot, and then April 4, 2017 as a web series on YouTube, Rostered On is a labour of love for Australian first time Writer, Producer and Director, Robot Army’s Ryan Chamley. It tells the story of the daily grind in electrical goods store ‘Electroworld’, featuring annoying, abusive customers, alpha male salesmen, incompetent managers and everything retail workers have come to hate.

The series, filmed in Geelong, Victoria quickly gathered momentum, went viral and has become an online sensation worldwide. It has now had over 250 million views online since its release thanks to its humour, wit and incredible relatability.

“The main storyline of Rostered On is based on my own life experience, working in a multitude of retail stores whilst trying to get my filmmaking career off the ground. Ball breaking customers, managers that lived and breathed the corporate culture and expected you to do the same, the staff gossiping and the overarching theme of money is everything. I hated it whilst there and always thought it would make for a really relatable and funny as hell show! Being first time filmmakers, we just had to get out there and make it, and that’s what we did! It acted as therapy writing and from all accounts it’s like therapy watching it”, said Robot Army’s Ryan Chamley, Writer, Producer and Director of Rostered On.

Rostered On stars Australian actors Paul Moore, Doug Lyons, Diana Brumen and Lliam Murphy. The majority of cast and crew will return for Season 2.

View the trailer here. Watch the story behind Rostered On here. Visit the Rostered On facebook page here.