New sports social network EYE Live

By August 14, 2020 December 21st, 2020 No Comments

A dedicated space to connect, share and livestream the sporting moments that get you pumped.

EYE Live offers a dedicated and exclusive space for sports lovers to capture all their sporting highlights through photos, videos, or to feel the buzz of live streaming to the EYE community as it happens. See a video of it in action HERE.

The social network allows people to find and connect with others who share their passion for the same sports by creating memorable moments and sharing them with like-minded sports fans on the platform. Whether it’s capturing the sunrise each morning on your daily ride, filming a surfing session live, skiing down a mountain, running a marathon, or skateboarding in a half-pipe, EYE is for anyone who loves getting their daily sports fix.

After creating a profile within the app, sports enthusiasts can easily connect their IOS or Android cameras to upload from their library, or stream the action LIVE as it happens. Community members can navigate through the carousel to follow the niche sports channels they love and show their support to others in the EYE community with the ‘Fist Pump’ button located below each post. There is also the option to attach activity data such as speed, distance and elevation.

EYE Live was founded by two Aussie tech and digital experts, Chris Flintoft and Chris Gillespie, and their Swedish business partner, Patrik Molander. Sharing a passion for sports, social, streaming media and wearable technology, the trio recognised the absence of a dedicated place to exclusively share sporting moments with like-minded people. Together, they’ve harnessed the latest live-streaming technology to create this unique place to share all your best sporting moments.

“We wanted to establish a space for sports lovers to enjoy the benefits of live streaming, filtering niche sports content and the ability to connect in a community-based hub without the background noise found on other social media platforms. In our trial stage, we’ve already seen people sharing their incredible sporting moments on EYE from Australia’s Blue Mountains, Thredbo, and Bondi Beach to New Zealand to Sweden, and to witness this – especially in times like these – has been pretty magical,” said Flintoft.

“For the skiers, the shredders, the riders, the runners, the daredevils, the wave-chasing up-at-sunrisers, the beginners and the masters – EYE is for anyone who lives for that daily fix of sports-fuelled euphoria,” said Gillespie.

The following sports channels are currently available on EYE: Road Cycling, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Running, Surfing, Triathlon, Kite Surfing, Snowboarding, Trail Running, Equestrian, Martial Arts, Gym, Skateboarding, Golf, Paragliding, Fishing, Swimming, Kayaking.

EYE Live is constantly evolving with feature updates and additional sports channels being developed on an ongoing basis. EYE Live is on Instagram and available from the App Store or Google Play.