Michelle Bridges visits Tamworth

By September 2, 2019 February 3rd, 2020 No Comments

Exclusive 12WBT program for New England residents to boost health and fitness amongst the community

Having transformed the lives of half a million Australians, health and fitness expert Michelle Bridges is now making her 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) program more accessible than ever before, with an exclusive round created for residents of NSW’s New England region. The program was officially announced by Bridges in Tamworth on Tuesday 13 August, alongside Tamworth Mayor, Col Murray and local supporting partner, Rural Fit.

The New England 12WBT round will commence on Monday 16 September, with all participating local residents starting the program at the same time. It will conclude on Sunday 8 December, when Bridges will return to Tamworth to lead a group workout celebration session for all participants. Registrations and Pre-Season will be open from 13 August at www.12wbt.com/newengland.

The New England 12WBT round has been designed following a string of messages Michelle received from concerned locals in the area, off the back of recent studies that highlighted a decline in general health and fitness amongst the community.

The studies showed that almost 80% of Tamworth residents were overweight with close to half of the adults owning a BMI higher than 30 (healthy range considered between 18.5 – 24.9). West Tamworth also had the third highest rate of premature deaths from heart and lung diseases and cancers in NSW and the 2nd highest number of smokers behind Mt Druitt.

The New England region 12WBT session will commence on September 16. To register head to www.12wbt.com/newengland.