Jeremy the Dud Short Film Premiere

By November 2, 2017 November 13th, 2019 No Comments

New Australian short film flips the script on disability

Imagine a world where having a disability was the norm and the select few that don’t, the ‘duds’, experience the same condescending and patronising attitudes as people with disabilities experience in our society. That’s the setting for Jeremy the Dud, a cutting edge new Australian short film, which is set to premiere online THIS Thursday 2nd November, 2017.

Nick Boshier (Bondi Hipsters, Soul Mates) stars as ‘Jeremy’, the only main cast member without a real-life disability, alongside up and coming Australian actors, Adam Bowes (Hacksaw Ridge) as ‘Kyle’, Chloe Hayden as ‘Heidi’ and Sam Humphreys (The Greatest Showman, Neighbours) as ‘Jai’.

Already making waves across the internet since the release of the trailer in August, the story of Jeremy the Dud presents as light hearted and entertaining viewing, however its underlying social message is a serious one. In a world where the majority of people have a disability, the minorities; those that don’t have a disability, are officially labeled ‘Without Specialty’ or colloquially knowns as ‘duds’. They are treated with contempt and prejudice and have to wear a lanyard around their necks to identify them as such.

The facts:

  • Jeremy the Dud features 22 people with disability
  • Almost all people in the film have a disability. Only two actors in Jeremy the Dud don’t have a disability – Nick Boshier (Jeremy, the ‘Dud’) and Jackson O’Doherty, who plays another ‘Dud’
  • Filming stopped and started on Geelong streets to ensure only disabled people were in the frame
  • There is already strong interest internationally for a Jeremy the Dud series

Jeremy the Dud will premiere at 5pm on Thursday November 2nd, 2017, at www.facebook.com/jeremythedud. Follow the site now to stay up to date and see exclusive footage prior to the launch. View the Jeremy the Dud Trailer here.