Giaan Rooney launches first children’s book

By January 26, 2019 November 14th, 2019 No Comments

Olympic swimmer and Gold Medallist Giaan Rooney has launched her first ever children’s book, Lemon the Llama.

Dedicated to her children, four and a half year old son Zander who will start school this year and 18 month old daughter Lexi, Lemon the Llama holds an important message for young readers about individuality. The book was also inspired by Giaan’s husband Sam who grew up on a farm and has introduced Giaan and her children to farm life.

“Lemon the Llama is the story of Lemon and her journey of self discovery. Lemon doesn’t fit in with the other Llamas on her farm and is made to feel that her differences are a negative – but as she discovers more about her strengths and weaknesses she realises that her differences are what make her so special. I had a very real sense of how I wanted the book to look and as Zander gets ready to start his school years, I felt it was the perfect time to portray my belief that our differences are our strengths. I hope my book inspires young readers to appreciate their individuality and that it instils a love of reading in both new school starters and pre-schoolers”, explained Rooney.

Lemon the Llama will be available on interactive children’s reading app Kindergo from today. It will be featured on Kindergo’s beautiful digital book library titled Back to School Island: New Releases, encouraging a fun and interactive return to reading following the long summer break.

Kindergo empowers children aged 2 to 7 to read by themselves for enjoyment in a safe, discoverable and encouraging environment, rich in literacy based experiences. It is the brainchild of Aussie mums and award winning children’s content producers, Kristen Souvlis and Nadine Bates, has been the number one children’s reading app in over 30 countries for kids under 5 and is currently nominated for a Kidscreen Award for the Best Learning App – Original.

A portion from all new Kindergo subscriptions in January and February will be donated to The Pyjama Foundation.

Download Kindergo from the App Store for a free 30 day trial. Also available on Android. Visit www.kindergokids.com for details and to purchase print copies of the new books. Facebook: Kindergo. Instagram: @kindergokids.